6x6x6 Foot Capacity Trim Robot Cell

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Advanced Integration Technology is the newest division of Seljan Company, focusing on helping manufacturing companies improve production, efficiency and safety. With over 25 years in machine design and automation, Advanced Integration Technology can help with your most challenging integration needs. Experience in assembly, advanced fastening, fluid dispensing and packaging as well as robotic cells. 

Industries served include; · Rotational Molding - Blow Molding - Vacuum Forming - Injection Molding

Advanced Integration Technology uses the latest engineering tools. Utilizing SolidWorks 3D design software, AIT can provide its customers with a complete design of their project. · Mechanical Engineering and Design · Electrical Engineering and Design · Controls and Robot Programming · Complete Project Management .

 As part of the Seljan organization, AIT can utilize Seljan’s manufacturing capabilities to provide its customers lower cost parts as all designed components are manufactured in-house. AIT also offers “build to print” services for companies looking to outsource their designs..


Robotic Fixture

Robotic Fixture

Robotic Fixture

Roto-Molded Liner Processing

"In 2016 finishing had 8 work comp injuries to workers that did this job with hand tools. Since moving it to a robot we have had no injuries. The robot does the job more efficiently. We have reduced labor from 3 employees to one robot operator with NO scrap. The payback on this robot cell was less than 12 months. The fixture AIT designed is auto adjusting to accommodate multiple shaped parts at different dimensions on the fly. This allows us to feed the robot from 10 different molds."

ROTO MOLDED Dome Top Processing

"This part size allowed us to build a turntable  fixture. While the robot is busy, the operator unloads and reloads the fixture. After the cycle completes the operator indexes the part into the robot cell. We have reduced the production time from 3 shifts to 1! And the scrap rate stands at 0 %."


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